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      Barely two months after he allowed the boy into his home, Chief Ani realized he has made the biggest mistake of his life. The boy was not like others before him, this one was different and from the way his wife treated him, he could see he was special to her.  He watched his secret fear gradually became evident and his wife no longer showed him any affection. The boy was all that mattered to her now and she gradually drifted far away from him and she didn’t seem to care. He became both jealous and angry with himself. He was afraid too. Afraid that he’d lose her completely soon. He must do something about it, he secretly resolved. He must get the boy out of the way and fast too. But even as he arrived at these conclusions, he knew there was nothing he could do about his predicament. He could not fire him. It has been her prerogative to hire and fire her staffs and if he as much as complained or suggested that she fired him, he’d seemed prejudiced against him and he didn’t want that. He realized, for the first time, that he has been too lenient with her. He should never have been so stupid to accept and overlook the fact that she now freely slept with other men because he could no longer satisfy her. He never should have allowed it, after all marriage is for better for worse. She must accept him the way he was. He was tired of apportioning blames to his disease. The fault is from his wife and he must begin to set things straight. He must put an end to her excesses. But Chief Ani could only seeth secretly, there was nothing else he could do about it.


      Then came the summer holidays and Yemi, his delectable daughter decided to visit her parents after a five year study sojourn in the U.S.A.

      As the plane touched down at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Jaiye and Kamil waited at the arrival lounge, for her to appear.

   When she told him he would accompany her to pick her daughter that evening, he took his time to dress. Now, feeling like the big boy Jaiye has made him to be, he sat relaxed and listened to her tell him how much he has made her happy while he freely fed his eyes with his surrounding. He was happy at the sight before him, not once did he feel odd or out of place and he loved it. He allowed her to caress him, not giving a damn about the look of disdain in some of the eyes that peered at them. It was typical of her to do so in public, making it clear that he belonged to her. He was now very used to it too, having realized that it gave her so much satisfaction. And he always played along with it because it gave him a feeling that he was now a “Big Boy”.

   He was particularly in the mood to play along that evening. The Arrival lounge was crammed and he felt he was one of the many rich people waiting for their friends or family. The feeling made him happy but when the arrival of Yemi’s flight was announced, he cautioned her to take it easy.

“It won’t do for her to meet us so entwined you know.” He said, breaking free from her.

“Hmm, yeah, you are right.” She agreed and slowly took her arms off him but she made sure all his attention was on her, there were too many young and beautiful and rich young ladies around for her to be off her guard.

“At last, here she comes.” She announced as she got to her feet.

      Kamil got quickly to his feet too. He was completely unprepared for the sight of her. He watched her in stunned awe as she approached them. Her fixed smile, accentuated by her dimpled cheek and the way she freely swung her hips made her movement even so sensual that he could feel his blood pressure rising uncontrollably. Her aura affected every man present. Those alone had a field day as they openly watched her every step as she walked across the full lounge to reach her mother. Others who weren’t so lucky stole quick furtive glances at her. She was like a black goddess and they all wanted to look at her long enough to dream about her.

   Kamil knew instantly that he wasn’t only going to dream, he’d definitely take it beyond that or his entire life will become miserable. He has never seen a woman so beautiful and so very well endowed by nature. Or so very aware of herself. Or so confident. Kamil realized Jaiye’s hips were nothing compared to hers and the way she swung them left to right as she walked made him conclude she must be a model. Forgetting completely for the moment that Jaiye was standing right next to him, he allowed his mind to visualize her naked body. The image he saw stirred a sexual desire from him. A desire that was to keep him sleepless for several nights.

   He couldn’t sleep that night. All his thought was centered on her. She was like a magnet to his body, spirit and soul. She tormented him. He was very sure he must have her. There was a chemistry between them that set off a wild desire in him. And from the look she gave him, he was sure she felt the same too. He saw it clearly in her eyes as they shook hands. He could never mistake that look. He has seen it severally in the eyes of Jaiye’s friends that he now knew what it meant. He could tell she wanted him too and he was ready to wait for her.


      The moment Yemi first set her eyes on Kamil and their eyes met and held, she experienced a melting sensation down her spine. In her, twenty eight years of existence, she was yet to see a man more handsome and more sensual, she thought silently as they were introduced. She felt an instant connection to him, an experience she has never felt before.

      Later that night, she found it almost impossible to sleep. The thought of him filled her mind. How could the mere touch of his hand affect her so? She asked herself again and again. She could not understand what happened to her but she was certain that she wanted him. He was too suave and damned too handsome to be an ordinary manager and personal assistant to her mother. He was damned too cute too to be left to rot in this country. A man like him should see and explore the world. He deserved better and she would give him the opportunity to explore the worlds, and they shall do so together she decided.

      Yemi was the perfect example of what they call the rich spoilt brat. She was outspoken and brave and because she has spent most of her years in the United States, she didn’t feel it odd to tell him how she felt. She finally got the chance to be alone with him four days later and she wasted no time in telling him how she felt about him, bringing to an end her four days of misery.

 “I like you.” She told him plainly.

“I like you too.” He responded without hesitation because he knew he might never get another chance.

She was relieved to hear him. He felt the same way and she didn’t need to persuade him. They agreed to meet secretly the next day outside their home.

      That night Kamil had an unforgettable experience. He dreamt about her all night. It was so real he felt she had sneaked into his room. He was so angry when he awoke to realize it was just a dream and he was all alone in the room. He spent the remaining hours of the night awake, he could not afford to have another dream of her that same night. He feared he would have a heart attack!

      The next afternoon Kamil took her to a non-descript but modest hotel where he knew their safety from Jaiye was guaranteed. She’d asked for her mother’s permission to let Kamil drive her to deliver a message for her friend and Jaiye, very much unsuspicious, agreed. That day, a secret love affair began between them.

Their first encounter was a bomb! They had both bottled up desires for each other that it was impossible not to have such a result. Hours later, when it was time to go home, Kamil felt it had been only a few minutes, but he knew he must take her back home in due time or Jaiye would suspect. He could not afford to let her suspect them now when they have only just begun. So, regretfully, he took her back.

Later that night, Kamil lay awake in bed, all his thought centered on Yemi and their love making. He’d experienced a much stronger sensation than he had when he first made love to her mother. Jaiye suddenly seemed too old to him. Why settle for the mother when the daughter was so delectable, so sensual and so desirable? He asked himself over and over but yet he could not give himself the answer.

Kamil craved all night on how best to make the switch from mother to daughter. But even after three days, he was yet to come up with a good plan. He realized he had a bigger problem. He must make Yemi understand that their relationship must be kept discrete but she seemed bent on letting everyone know. She tried to kiss him one day but he was lucky Jaiye wasn’t looking. It wouldn’t do to let Jaiye know or even suspect what was going on. He has been smart enough to detect a hidden brutality in her which has always put him on his guard. He knew she was dangerous. She had given him strict warnings about getting involved with her friends, now that it was her daughter, he couldn’t even imagine her reactions if she finds out.

While he sneaked out with Yemi during their days as often as they could make out time, Jaiye sneaked into his room at nights. He was able to convince Yemi to keep their relationship a secret until they were both ready to announce it. To make him happy and keep seeing her, she agreed even though she wanted more time with him. She couldn’t bear to make him angry. She needed him. No man has ever affected her the way he does. So she was willing to wait until he was ready to take their relationship to the next level.

     Jaiye had no reason at all to suspect him with her daughter. In her mind, he has earned her trust. Trust was not an easy thing to earn with Jaiye and because he previously had no reason to cheat on her, he has long proven his faithfulness to her by completely turning down all other overtures. She was now very sure he won’t fall to any such temptation. So with complete laxity, she allowed what she thought was a harmless friendliness between her daughter and her secret lover.

Kamil soon realized he didn’t need Jaiye anymore. He realized Yemi was an embodiment of the whole deal. She was not only younger, sexier, much more crazy and agile in bed, she was also so much more fun to be with. He simply adored her. He felt truely happy being with her. He didn’t have to feel the intimidation he always felt when with Jaiye. He didn’t feel the shame too whenever they were in public, and Jaiye openly doted on him. He always felt comfortable and self-assured with Yemi unlike he felt with Jaiye. Their age difference suddenly became a problem to him. Especially when there were younger ladies around. This was not so with Yemi, they blended naturally and so he paraded her and freely doted on her. And he loved the feeling.

It didn’t take too long for him to realize he was now between the devil and the deep blue sea! He was in a hot spot alright but it was too damned cool to let go. He was crazy enough to let himself fall madly in love with her. And even more crazy to think he was smart enough to eat his cake and still have it. And even though he knew he was risking his own life, he assured himself that it was a risk worth taking. He’d enjoy every bit of it while it lasted.


Yemi wanted more than he was willing to give. She was in love with him and she was tired of their hide and seek game. She wanted her parents to know about their love affair. She wanted them to freely express their feelings for each other. She was desperate to take the relationship to the next level. She wanted to take him to America. She wanted so many things and couldn’t understand why he continued to ask her to take it easy even after two months.

But Kamil knew this was impossible. If it were another woman, he certainly would have quitted the relationship by now but he wanted her. Even more than she wanted him. He was desperate to go with her to America too but he knew he must carefully scheme out a way. But as time went by and he still didn’t have a solution, it became difficult to cover his tracks. He became aware that both ladies were no fools and he was swimming in dangerous waters. So far he has been able to fool them both but he knew he couldn’t do so for very long. He knew he must be decisive.

 His choice was clear in his mind and it was Yemi. He knew he could never get her out of his mind but Jaiye was always around to remind him this was only a pipe dream. For the first time he regretted dating Jaiye. He loathed her now but he couldn’t just call it quit with her. That would be asking for his own death! He wished he had someone he could confide in, it would have been so helpful to share his problem. He had no one, he couldn’t even contact Alex. He wished he had not cut ties with him. He wished he had taken his advice.

How on earth will he ever be rid of Jaiye? And how could he even imagine it was possible especially when he was planning to leave her for her daughter? Sometimes he wished she would drop dead! He was tempted to pray for her sudden death one day but his mind stopped him right on time. It reminded him he wouldn’t have been worth more than a scumbag in Yemi’s eyes had Jaiye not cleaned him up. So out of gratefulness, he told himself there must be a better way to be rid of her for good and he must find it.

 He was still trying to find a solution one midnight when he suddenly heard a slight knock on his door. He wasn’t perplexed, he knew it must be Jaiye sneaking into his room for a quickie as usual.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     He suddenly felt a contrition down his throat. He was in no mood to do anything with her that night or any other night. He felt a repulsion these days whenever he saw her and he was in no mood to pretend about it that night. He watched her without interest as she made her way stealthily into the room. The dim light made it impossible to see the disdain on his face as she came closer to him. He watched her without a word, waiting for her to join him on the bed like she always did. But to his surprise, she pulled a chair and sat away from him, instead. The action not only startled him, it spurred him into action too. He sat up quickly and prepared his mind for what was coming. He knew instantly that she was not there for the same reason she has sneaked into his room countless times in the past. His heart raced against its cage as he brazed himself for the worst. She always followed the same routine night after night. He knew she should have been naked by now, less than two minutes after locking the door behind her. He realized too that he should have been stark naked too instead of staring at her as if he didn’t see her come in. His now fully alert mind told him the bubble has finally busted and she was there to confront him. He cursed himself silently as it dawned on him that he has half confirmed whatever suspicion she had. He watched her with uncertain glance, not knowing what to say or do.
“Is there a problem?” He summoned the courage to ask when he was sure she wouldn’t start the conversation.

“I should ask you that question.” She replied flatly. The flatness of her tone convinced him further that all wasn’t well. She wasn’t there for pleasure.

“Why do you need to ask that question? You are the one acting strange. Why sit on a chair?” He asked carefully.

“Look here Kamil, I am not here to play your pranks.” She began in a steely tone that chilled him instantly. “I know you well and I am much older and more experienced that you are. I know what is going on between you and my daughter and I want an end to it the very moment I leave this room. Am I clear?”

“What are you talking about?” He asked in an unsteady voice that clearly portrayed his fear and shock.

“Don’t try to deny it Kamil, you will make me mad at you and you won’t be able to handle that. I am prepared to forgive you because I love you. All I am asking is that you break up with her immediately.”

“What are you talking about?” Kamil asked again in feigned confusion.

“I have great plans for us Kamil, you were a fool to mingle with my daughter. But like I said, I will let it pass. Take this as a first and last warning. I won’t warn you again.” She said coldly.

“I really don’t know what you are talking about.” He said, trying to sound surprised as he regained some of his guts.

“I see that you want to play it the hard way. My daughter came to me and told me about the two of you. I told her to stay away from you. She wanted to know why but I haven’t told her yet. If you don’t break up with her, I intend to let her and her father into our little secret affair. I will then set them loose on your tail and watch how you’ll survive their wrath.” She said even more coldly.

     Kamil watched her with his mouth wide open, not believing his ears. He could not utter a word. He did not know what to say. He was both too shocked and angry to speak. So Yemi went ahead and told her about them in spite of his appeal to her not to do so, was all his mind could come up with.

“I have decided to divorce my husband and marry you. I have already started making arrangements to relocate to America with you. So you see my dear, you can’t have a relationship with my daughter or with any other woman for that matter.”

“Are you crazy?” He snapped suddenly, fear giving way to anger. “You can’t divorce your husband and you certainly can’t want to marry me!” He added angrily.

“You didn’t feel this way about it a couple of months ago. Or has my daughter influenced your view about me?” She spat.

“I cannot marry you! I am too young to be your husband. It is not right.” He insisted angrily but he was still unaware that he was talking to a woman whose mind was already made up.

“You have no scruples about sleeping with me under my husband roof and on his bed. Where is this moral talk coming from now?”

“Yes I agree we have done things not morally right but I can’t marry you. I am sorry.” He protested.

“No, you are not, not yet. You will be sorry when you taste a doze of my wrath. Suffice to say now that you have no choice, you belong to me and I own you until I say otherwise, you are stuck with me. You better put that in your brains while you are still at liberty to do so.”

      He watched her for a moment, even though the dim light made it impossible to see her eyes, he could feel the ruthlessness from her voice. Realizing he was in an unfavorable position as her enemy he said quietly.

“Take it easy, we can work this out without fighting.”

“Now you are making use of your head. The only working out acceptable to me is that you put an end to whatever you have with my daughter tomorrow. I will stay out of your way all of tomorrow but if I ever see you talking with her again, it will be the last talk you have.”

“I will end it tomorrow, I promise.” Kamil said quietly. ” And I am so sorry “

      She left her seat and took some steps towards him. “I will get you an international passport next week. We’ll start processing our travel documents immediately. We will …..”

“I already have one.” He said coldly, interrupting her, he didn’t like being dominated.

“Oh, you do? When did yu obtain one?”

“I got it only last week.”

“And you didn’t care to tell me? By the way, what prompted you to get an international passport?”

“I felt like having one or is that a crime?”

“Oh No, my daughter felt you should have one. You were not planning on going away together I hope?”

Kamil couldn’t reply, he just stared at her blankly.

“Answer me, you ingrate!” She yelled.

“Something like that” he answered quickly.

“You fool! So you could have walked out on me with my own daughter huh? After all I have done for you? I picked you from the slum and cleaned you up and now you want to dump me for my own daughter?”

“Please take it easy, you could alert everyone.”

“I don’t care. I don’t care anymore. You know what? I think its time everyone knows what we have been up to. You are mine! We belong together and I am making plans for us. Can’t you understand that I won’t let you go? I will rather kill you than watch you leave me for any other woman, let alone my own daughter!” she screamed.

Kamil got quickly on his feet and held her. “Please calm down my love. I am sorry, it was a mistake and I will correct it tomorrow, please forgive me.” He pleaded desperately, afraid she would attract everyone.

“What were you thinking?” She asked breathlessly but slowly calming down. “I can’t afford to lose you Kamil. I want you. You must stop seeing my daughter. What were you thinking having an affair with her?”

“I made a mistake and I am willing to correct it. I promise by this time tomorrow everything will be over. Let’s not fight anymore, I admit I was a fool to do what I did but I am sorry.”

“Let it not happen again?”

“It won’t happen again. Now come here let’s have fun. Show me you have forgiven me.”

Jaiye watched him for a moment. “Don’t make me turn against you Kamil, you don’t want to see me working against you. You have up till tomorrow evening to clean up this mess. Until then, good bye.” She said and left the room.

    Even hours after she left his room, Kamil remained sleepless on his bed. Not from fear but anger. He knew he only had one option and he must take it. Although he was very angry with Yemi, he could not figure out how to break up with her without mentioning her mother. He didn’t care about her reaction to their break up and even though he in love with her, he was now too afraid of Jaiye to care about his feelings for her.

There was no doubt that she’d make good her threats and he knew he was the only one to be at the receiving end. He will have father, mother and daughter all after him and he had no hope in hell to survive their wrath. And he’d be the loser, losing them both and he could not afford to let that happen. He must do as she has asked. He must let Yemi off his hooks, he decided regretfully.

The following morning, Kamil took Yemi to their favorite hide-out. As he drove the car with her by his side, he had two motives in his mind. The first was to bed her for the last time and the second was to break up with her.

He was still very angry with her but he didn’t show it. Of what use was it telling her. After all it was going to be their last time together, why spoil it with already spilt milk. He didn’t feel bad that he was going to stop seeing her. She caused it and he was only thankful that Jaiye was so forgiving as to give him a second chance. He could have been in real trouble himself. Instead, she has been so magnanimous to give him a one last chance. He wouldn’t waste a moment of it. It wasn’t his fault. She is just a senseless brat, he thought in his mind.  Didn’t I beg her not to tell her parents about us? He asked within him, trying to rid his conscience of his guilt. Now see where her disobedience has landed them. His only regret was the fact that he would miss her terrible. Well, he would make do with Jaiye. He would even go abroad with her but he’d dump her over there for the first available lady that as much as wink at him. Probably a white lady. He smiled to himself at the thought as he brought the car to a slow halt in front of the motel.

“Why are you smiling to yourself?” Yemi, who had no inkling of what was coming, asked.

“Never mind, just thought about a possibility.” He replied and continued to smile.

“Is it about us?”

“Of course yes,” he said and got out of the car. He went round and opened the door for her and hand in hand, they strolled into the reception hall.

    Moments later, while in the privacy of the room, he forgot completely about Jaiye and her threats. He allowed himself to savour her beautiful body, desperate not to deny himself this last pleasure. He would enjoy her while he still had the chance and break up with her later.

   They spent the afternoon and early evening in the room. And when it was time to leave, he still could not bring himself to break up with her. He didn’t know what to do. The truth is he couldn’t break up with her, at least, not just yet. His greedy mind told him she was too good to let go. But when he drove into the big compound and saw Jaiye’s private car parked at the carport, his heart did a summersault! Fear seized him, realizing the danger he was toiling with. Jaiye had been magnanimous enough to allow him the whole day with her daughter. He knew she had deliberately given him a chance to do whatever pleased him since it was supposed to be their last day together. He must be a fool to think she’d be so kind in the future when she finds out he was still seeing her. It had been so easy not to think about her but now that he knew she could be somewhere in the big house and probably secretly peeping at them from a window, fear gripped him as reality struck him. His fear was visible and he watched his hands shake uncontrollably as he brought the car to a slow halt beside Jaiye’s car.

“What is the matter with you?” Yemi asked.

“Nothing” he lied without much success.

“You look horrible. Is something bothering you?”

“I am fine.” He replied plainly as he spotted Jaiye from his rear mirror watching them from a window.

“But you don’t look fine to me.” She insisted.

“Your mum sent me on an errand but I completely forgot all about it.” He lied, hoping she’d let him be.

“Is that all? Well, don’t worry I will make an excuse for you.”

“I don’t want you to do that.” He said sternly, wishing she would get out and let him think of what report to give to Jaiye.

“Relax, you don’t have to be so crossed. I am only trying to help here.”

“I don’t need your help.” He continued curtly. The fear of Jaiye suddenly gave him the guts to speak rudely to her.

“What’s with you? I don’t think I have said anything to deserve this sudden meanness from you!”  She said angrily.

“You have!” He half yelled in anger. “As a matter of fact, you have done even more damage to me than you can imagine.”

“Me? What are you talking about?”

“Why did you tell your mother about us? I warned you not to do so but you did not listen to me!” He said in anger.

“What has that got to do with your sudden and strange behavior?”


“Well, I don’t think there is anything wrong with telling her. She’d found out anyway. Why do you think that’s a problem?”

“I don’t think it, I know it is!” He snapped.


“Because she has asked me to stop seeing you.” He spat the words angrily before he could stop himself.

“What? I don’t believe you. She can’t possibly ask you to do that.”

”Well, she did, as a matter of fact that was the errand she asked me to do.” He said, he felt no reason to hide anything from her anymore. They were both in this and they might figure out a way out together.

“You are not serious. I must see her right away!” She said and made to open the door.

“Hey, wait, wait. Are you silly? You will completely ruin everything if you go charging like that. We have to play this cool. Let’s pretend we have stopped seeing each other while we continue with our plans. I think that’s the best thing to do.” He said quickly, his heart racing.

“I don’t want to pretend. I don’t want her meddling with my affairs. If she has no good reason for this, I must go to my dad.” She replied.

“Jesus Christ! Your dad? Do you want me dead? If your dad knows that we have been secretly sleeping together he will have me killed!”

“No, he won’t. He’d respect my feelings.”

“Then you do not know him. He won’t let me cause trouble between mother and daughter. Besides, this is Nigeria my dear. Rich kids don’t sleep with their parents’ employees. I don’t know about where you’ve been these past years but such things are not tolerated here. He’d kill me first and apologize to you later.” he pleaded desperately, not happy with the way things were going.

“Okay, okay, I understand your point and I won’t involve daddy but I must speak to her about this. She can’t possibly ask you to ditch me. If she had concerns about my relationship with you, I expect her to tell me, not asking you to dump me. Its absurd. ”

“I am sure she preferred to order me to do it. You know how it is, employee and employer way.”

“Let me have a word with her. I might be able to convince her to let us be.”

“Oh no, please don’t. Just do as I say and we’ll be fine. It’s just a matter of time.”

“Okay, if that’s the way you want it.” She replied. There was something in his desperate voice that sowed a seed of suspicion in her mind. She was convinced he was hiding something from her. Something he didn’t want her to know and that was why he vehemently objected to her suggestion to confront her mother. She has been wondering why he has constantly stopped her from telling anyone about them. She was now sure he was hiding something alright. Perhaps he was married and was hiding the fact from her. She would ask her mother later but she was willing to let it go for now. She blew him a kiss and got out of the car.

“See you later.” she said and walked away.

“Yeah, later.” He replied. He watched her enter the big house before he pulled the key from the ignition hole.

“God help me.” He muttered to himself as he got out.

“Welcome Sir.” He heard a voice behind him as he shut the door. Startled, he turned around and saw the old gardener standing behind him. He had not heard him coming and he wondered how long he’d been close by. He hoped he didn’t hear their conversation.

“Must you creep on me?” He demanded crossly.

“I am sorry sir,” the old man apologized.

“What do you want?” He yelled in anger.

“Madam said I should tell you to see her the moment you arrive.”

“Okay.” he said absently as he tried to hide his shaking hands as he locked the door. He walked away, towards the big house.

As he stepped into the big living room, he heard Jaiye saying.

“Did you have a nice day darling?”

“Yeah, I sure did, I will be in my room.” He heard Yemi’s sour response too. He watched her get on her feet the moment she saw him enter the room. He watched her leave too. He alone got the cold and sinister tone of her reply.

      Jaiye did not expect him to mention her as the reason for their break up, so she concluded their breakup was the reason for her coldness. She didn’t care. She must keep her man.

At that very moment, Kamil realized he has messed up by telling her her mother’s role in the matter. He should never have mentioned her. She now knew her mother was only pretending and this would make her suspect them both. Either way, it was bad. He must find a way to tell Jaiye exactly what he told her daughter.

“Good evening ma,” he greeted as he came before her.

“Good evening, did you succeed in the errand I sent you?” She asked him coldly.

“Yes madam.” He replied, looking furtively in the direction Yemi had taken.

“Good.” Jaiye replied. She was now sure that was the reason Yemi left the room the moment he came in.

“You won’t regret this. I will make you very happy. Now run along, we’ll spend some time together tonight. Wait up for me.” She said.

“Okay.” He said and hurried out of the room. Considering what he had told Yemi, he had an odd feeling that she could be listening to them. He hoped to tell Jaiye everything when they meet later.


      From the spot where she stood behind the heavy curtains shielding the stair case from the living room, and her from them, Yemi eavesdropped at their conversation. She had been so sure something was going on between her mother and Kamil, now she was more than convinced. Without letting them know she heard their conversation, she went to her room to consider the matter properly. She wouldn’t rush into conclusion yet. She needed evidence against her mother. Solid evidence she wouldn’t dare to deny. She would have enough of it later that night, she decided.

      Kamil entered his room and sprawled on the big bed. He stared emptily at the ceiling, wondering how on earth he allowed himself to be entangled in a mother and daughter snare. He didn’t need that at all. He must make up his mind on what to do before things get very bad. He had an ominous feeling that something bad would happen and he must prevent it. He was too greedy to make a run for it before it gets out of his control. No, he could not imagine himself leaving such a good life behind him. He must play his card right, if he played his cards right, no one would get hurt and he’ll still have the good life he has always wanted. He must stick to his decision, he must forget about Yemi and go abroad with Jaiye. Yes, that’s the only solution.

   Had Kamil known Yemi’s secret plan, or suspected it, he would have taken to his heels right at that very minute. But he was unaware of the fact that Yemi now knew half of the whole story and at that same moment was waiting patiently to carry out her own plans!


Elizabeth Izebere is a prolific writer who prefers to write under the pseudonym Liz Brey Humphrey. She is a Nigerian. www.leisuretimeread.com is her brain child.

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