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The Wages of the Sinner: chapter 2

Rally Trade

      It turned out that Jaiye melted at the sight of him and after they spent an exhaustive two hours behind closed doors later that evening, she decided she won’t make him her driver. No, she’d elevate him to the post of her Personal Assistant and the General Manager of her three-star restaurant! He’d passed her test in flying colors.

      Kamil could not believe his ears as she told him his good fortunes. He couldn’t believe either that sex was such an enjoyable thing. The quantity of alcohol he consumed had almost worked against him but lucky was on his side. He had continued to hit the bottles of wine even after Alex cautioned him to go slow and by the time he relocated into the hotel room with Jaiye, he was more than half drunk. He was so weak that all he wanted was an uninterrupted sleep. Completely forgetting the purpose for which he was there, he’d gone straight to the bed and sprawled on it, half aware of her as she undressed. But when she stood stark naked before him, an avalanche of desire went from his head to the sole of his feet. All trace of alcohol cleared instantly from his system, replaced by an erotic desire to devour her. He had never seen a naked woman in his entire life and Jaiye’s voluptuous body did something to him that he did not understand. He did not know where the sudden prowess and expertise came from, he just grabbed her. He didn’t want to end it, he thought he was in paradise and he was prepared to dwell there forever.

       Moments later, he heard her scream out his name while she wriggled her hips under him, grabbing his bare back with strong hands that he could feel her fingers deep into his skin. He did not feel the pain, he just could not believe the sensation he felt as he ejaculated. He has never felt anything like it; he never thought anything could be so sweet and enjoyable. And immediately, he craved for more. Unknown to him, at that same moment, an insatiable urge for sex was born in him, an unquenchable desire that was to become the order of his life. And the cause of his doom.

     His labour earned him two hundred thousand naira that night and he could only imagine he was dreaming as the money exchanged hands.


      Jaiye has known, without regret, that she was a nymphomaniac. Sex was the only reason she had married her husband and in all her sexually active years, she has never met a man who has matched her husband’s prowess in bed. But she was shocked to see that Kamil did not only meet it, he had beaten him to it. It was unbelievable! She decided right there and then that he was going to be for keeps. Ever since her husband lost his virility, she has jumped from one man to another, looking for a replacement. She was tired of searching and she was now barely able to keep her escapades away from her husband and family. All that was history now as she realized she didn’t need look any further now she has found Kamil. She hoped her husband would show the same understanding he has shown all these years and let the boy live within their home. Their marriage has long been over and they both secretly knew it even though they never discussed it. It was something they were both aware of, both fairly aware of the bedrock of their marriage. Even though her husband has been very tolerant and understanding, she was tired of jumping from one man to another, looking for satisfaction. She was now determined to find the right man.

      Jaiye was regarded a skinflint by her friends. Not with her money though but with her men. While her friends indulged in extramarital affairs with younger men for the sole reason of adventure, she was in it in search of the right man to replace her husband because she was tired of their marriage. Her friends freely shared their men among themselves but she never partook in it. The only man she didn’t mind sharing with another woman or women was her now almost vegetable husband and the only reason she has remained in their now thirty years of marriage for so long was because she needed his money and also, a good replacement first. Ever since the first signs of his disability began, close to ten years ago, she has had no choice but to lump it all the way, hoping that he would find a cure and things would get better, but to her annoyance, it got even worse. This left her with no other choice than to begin a search for his replacement.

      As she drove home that night after her encounter with Kamil, she was sure she was finally done with her husband. She had no doubt at all. It took her only a few hours in Kamil’s arms to reach the conclusion that he was the man she has been looking for. Their age difference wasn’t a problem to her, she’d relocate with him to a more civilized society where no one cared or gave a damn. Now she has found him, she must put her plan B in motion immediately. But first, she must bring him to live within her home. She must shield him from her crazy friends.


      If Chief Ani suspected what he has become in the eyes and heart of his once loving wife, he never complained or showed any sign of it. He was content to have his home at peace. He was aware she got her satisfaction elsewhere and that she only allowed him the pleasure of her body every once in a while when she desperately needed something from him and he was content too to have those once in a while privileges. He’d do everything within his power to make his performance worthy of another chance in the future. This was the order of his life since the disease began to take its toll on his body.

      Ordinarily, every able bodied man would instantly object to such an arrangement especially when it was so obvious in her dreamy eyes that the boy was one of her many lovers. But Chief Ani was now far from being called an able bodied man. He was a sick man, sick of the incurable disease called diabetes which has rendered him almost impotent and worthless in the eyes and heart of his once loving wife.

       Their marriage had been based on the bedrock of their sexual prowess and oddly, it had survived on it until now. Well, so he thought. Thirty years ago when they first had sex, they’d both experienced an explosion they both wanted to relive over and over again for as long as they live. They instantly understood the magic of a good sex and sexual partner that they got married less than two months after their first meeting. And contrary to the fears of their families and friends, their marriage lasted. Everything was fine for two decades until about ten years ago when the damned disease first showed its ugly face. They had both been fairly disappointed as they both realized he was no longer the man he used to be as the disease gradually and steadily took its toll. They’d both been too embarrassed to discuss the problem. They were both too ashamed to discuss the other option too but he had been glad that she took a cue and went ahead to get her satisfaction elsewhere rather than leave him to his fate.

      Even though he knew about her activities, he didn’t care. The arrangement suited him. Everyone was happy and his disability was kept a secret. That was all he cared about. But sometimes he wondered if she knew he was aware. Did she know he has deliberately looked the other way while she sinned or did she think he was so foolish he didn’t know what she did behind his back. Because he was too weak and too afraid to find out from her, he kept quiet and grieved secretly over his predicament.

      At first, Chief Ani looked everywhere in search of a cure when it dawned on him that the shot of insulin he injected into his laps every now and then did nothing to improve his condition. He feared he would end up as a mere vegetable one day. A man that couldn’t satisfy his own wife was as useless as a pair of reading glasses to a blind man. He feared she would leave him and he secretly waited for the day she would ask him for a divorce. After many years and she didn’t ask for a divorce, he thanked his stars and decided to let her have her extra marital affairs. He couldn’t let the disease punish her too.

      During the first few years when he noticed the first signs of a weak erection, Chief Ani had been so sure his wife would ask for a divorce. He’d waited in fear and trepidation for the day she would tell him she was leaving him but as the years went by and she showed no sign of leaving, he came to the wrong conclusion that she loved him in spite of his condition. He made up his mind then to oblige her every whim. There was nothing he wouldn’t do to keep her; all she needed to do was to ask for it. He was willing to hand over everything he owned if only she would ask for it. He was that committed to showing his gratitude and appreciation. He became her puppet ever since. Responding in obedience to all the strings she pulled. When she told him about her new manager and personal assistant, and her intention to bring him into their home he’d agreed immediately even when the glow in her eyes as she spoke told him clearly that the boy was one of her lovers. Oddly, he welcomed the idea with all his heart. Not because he was too weak to object but because he hoped the boy would be helpful to him. He wanted desperately to curtail her notoriety and having her lover within her easy reach would greatly help him solve the problem. He has heard disheartening stories about her activities and they were a constant embarrassment to him. He has tried but failed to curtail them. He saw his chance in the boy.

      His friends and relatives have advised him to send away his wayward wife but he repeatedly shunned them. She has been an integral part of his life. He could never have attained the level he has reached in life without her. She has been a strong and driving force in all his endeavors. He alone understood her. He knew when and why she started having affairs outside wedlock and he could only blame himself for it. He was aware of their secret unspoken pact. And he must abide by it. With all of these so deep rooted in his mind, he became convinced he couldn’t live without her. So, he freely forgave her sins.

      But Chief Ani was no saint himself. Before the damn disease surfaced, he always kept an array of young ladies that were always more than willing to fulfill his fantasies for a fee. But now, he only kept one secret mistress. The days of his escapades were long gone and as if it was nemesis, it was his wife’s turn now and there was nothing he could do about it. He alone knew this, he was guilty too.

       His secret lover was his confidential secretary. She was the only other woman he cared about. And even though he knew he was taking a risk with her, he still could not leave her. It was only in her arms he felt truly loved. She was always kind to him and she understood his predicament. She treated him nicely and never showed any sign that he was now a weakling. He felt he loved her. He always consciously tried to reject this fact even though her unconditional love for him made it impossible. And because he needed her love, it was impossible for him to discontinue their love affair. So, he kept it very discrete. Or so he thought.


      Had Jaiye known what he went through just to make her happy, she would have been a little more appreciative. She was ignorant of them and very conscious to the fact that the disease was fast taking its toll on him and he was certainly never going to be the same man she married. She was certain not to endure it forever. So, she secretly made her plans to be rid of him. It wasn’t an easy decision but it was the only way to her freedom. She knew he would never give her a divorce and she wasn’t prepared to continue to live in the hell their marriage has become. So there was definitely a need for a plan B.

      Her plan B was to kill him and inherit his wealth. He was better off dead. It was a better option. She would be doing them both a favour


      Kamil lay spent and exhausted on the soft bed in the motel room while he fiddled with the mobile phone he had just been given by Jaiye. They have just spent another exhaustive but remarkable time together in the cozy motel room. He was trying without much success to figure out how to operate the sophisticated phone.

      For the first time in his life he felt lucky. Life is good if you are on the right track, he thought with a smile on his face. Who would have thought his rather unfortunate life would have such a quick and unexpected turn around? He had Alex to thank for everything. And as he made up his mind to call him, the phone suddenly began to ring shrilly. For a moment he didn’t know what to do. He touched the screen and held the phone to his ear.

“Hello Honey.” He heard Jaiye’s voice.

“Hello darling.” He responded happily.

“I am home now. I will see you tomorrow at noon alright.”

“Alright see you then and thanks for everything.”

“It’s nothing. Be ready by noon, I want to take you out to shop okay?”

“Yeah.” He said

“Bye.” And the line went dead.

      He remained on the bed while silently counting his blessings, forgetting completely his earlier intention to call Alex. He could not help but realize how generous she was. Just two days he has known her and she has already parted with three hundred thousand naira. He took a quick glance at the money she dropped on the table for him to be sure it was still there. The sight of it brought smiles to his face. A hundred thousand plus a phone worth even more than that amount, she was his ATM machine spewing out cash, he thought happily. And she has also promised to take him shopping for new clothes tomorrow. This was certainly too good to be true, he thought. At that very moment, his mind reflected back to their discussion moments ago.

“I have convinced my husband and he has agreed that you move into our home. I mean the staff quarters behind the main house.” She’d said.

“Are you sure that that’s a good idea?” He asked in fear.

“We will be discrete if you are afraid we’d get caught. If we are careful, we will be okay. You have nothing to worry about, trust me.” She assured him.

“Well, if you say so. But I wouldn’t want any trouble for us, you know.”

“There won’t be any trouble from him. The only trouble can only come from you.”

“Come from me, how?” he asked in surprise.

“You see Kamil, I am willing to give you anything you want but there’s only one thing I want from you in return.”

“What could that be? Well, anything honey, you know you’ve got me completely.”

“I will never forgive you if you mess around with my friends. I know them well and I know they want you too. They’d try to entice you to sleep with them. It would be unwise to fall for them. I want you for keeps, that’s why I am bringing you into my home, out of the reach of my friends. I will give you whatever you want but you must remain faithful to me alone. Do you understand me?”

“Yeah, I understand you perfectly,” he’d replied gaily. He could not see any problem in that.

“I want you to make me a promise.” She insisted slowly.

“Of course I promise to love and respect you. Why would I look elsewhere when you are everything? Relax, you got all of me, okay?”

“Okay but I must warn you. I have a reputation Kamil. No one messes with me. My friends will do everything to get you, including using your friend Alex. I am better a friend to you than a foe.” She added in a cool sinister voice that sent the message straight to him.

“I understand you perfectly.” He said. He wasn’t worried. If she kept her promise to give him everything he needed, he didn’t see any reason to cheat.

“Good, I needed to let you know before we go any further.”

“It’s okay. I am all yours.”

      Kamil thought about the threat but he was not afraid. He had no intention to have anything to do with her friends. Why would he when she has showered him with such care and love? Deciding there was no problem, he fell asleep.

      He called Alex the next morning and they agreed to meet in his motel room before Jaiye’s arrival.

“Alex my man thanks so much. That woman is the answer to all my problems.” Kamil said happily the moment Alex stepped into the room.

“You have not seen anything yet.” Alex replied, shaking his friend’s outstretched hand.

“Men, I am moving into the house this evening after taking me on a shopping spree. This is like a dream.” Kamil announced excitedly.

“Wait, wait, Kamil, I think you must take it easy.” Alex said matter-of-factly.

“Take what easy?” kamil asked staring at his friend in surprise.

“I think you are about to make a mistake.” Alex said calmly.

“How do you mean?”

“You know, everything happened so fast I didn’t really consider the implication not until I discussed the arrangement with my woman and she pointed out some facts to me.”

“What facts are you talking about?”

“Living in the same compound with Jaiye’s family members, it is too risky. It is just not normal. And why the big rush?”

      Kamil watched his friend without speaking. He had been so happy and anxious to tell him about his good fortunes that he felt slightly disappointed to hear what he was saying. How could he tell him not to rush? He has lived all in life in penury and this was his golden opportunity to change his condition forever. How could he not be in a hurry? He was in so much hurry to grab a share of Jaiye’s millions to give a damn about what was normal or abnormal. In fact, why continue to wait for a normal procedure when a short cut was right in front of him? Why would he take a long journey out of poverty when a bypass was right in front of him? He could not understand his friend.

“You are moving too fast.” Alex continued, as though reading his thoughts. “She is going to make you her slave. She is going to take complete control of you that you wouldn’t be able to look at another woman again.” Alex said desperately.

“I don’t need another woman!” Kamil blurted. “She has promised to give me everything I want if I remain faithful to her and I am down with that.” he added angrily.

“Don’t do it Kamil, please don’t move into her house, at least not yet. You are new in this racket, let me advice you. She is only going to use and dump you.”

“Oh no she wouldn’t, I trust her. She gives me things without my asking. See, she gave me this phone. I have known her for just two days and she has given me nearly half a million. Oh Alex, think what I’d get from her in a year! She has even promised me a nice car.” Kamil cried. “Come on, be happy for your pal, man.”

“No, you are wrong. The car will be an official car as well as the house and everything in it. They will all belong to them and not you. You’ll be lucky to leave with your personal stuff when they throw you out.”

“Well, I have decided I want to live in her house. And I have no intention of leaving there anytime soon.” He said flatly.

“Don’t be a fool Kamil, use your head and don’t let greed influence your reasoning.” Alex said curtly, angry that his friend was refusing to reason with him.

“Look, I am beginning to think you are already jealous of me Alex.”

“Don’t be stupid?! I brought you into this racket and this is just your first game, why on earth do you think I would ever be jealous of you?”

“To start with, I have hit it big in my first attempt, bigger than you imagined.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. You have clearly missed it Kamil. In this game, you don’t get entangled with an over possessive woman. It leads to ruin!”

“Let me worry about that!” he said flatly, desperate to end the conversation.

“I see that I cannot convince you but let me sound this warning into your ears. Don’t come running to me for help when you get into trouble.”

“Relax, there won’t be any trouble”

      That was the first and last time the issue was discussed between them. Alex decided to let him be, he did not anticipate that Kamil could be so blinded to reason by greed. He decided promptly to cut all ties with him.

      While Alex seethed with anger, Kamil dwelled in the exhilaration of his newly found life. He couldn’t see why anyone would advise him to tread slowly when he had so much distance in front of him to cover. He became more convinced as the days grew into weeks and weeks into months that Alex was only jealous of his good fortune that he decided to keep away from him.


      Life in the estate was sweet. He had everything and everyone in the house at his beck and call. After all, he was Madam’s personal assistant and manager and personal “person”. He was sure he had chief too under control. All his apprehension gave way to confidence within a week of his arrival in the house. Chief received him with open arms and he was never in their way. They made love regularly with chief Ani either out of town or snoring away in the magnificent bedroom he shared with his wife. The arrangement suited Kamil perfectly. There was no fear of imminent danger as predicted by Alex and no advances from Jaiye’s friends either. Everything was fine.

       He would sneak into the main house at night while Chief was out of town and he would take her right on top of her matrimonial bed. The experience on the water bed was like a trip to paradise and back and he always looked forward to another opportunity. The risk involved made them more pleasurable. He was finally living his dream life.

      Their love making wasn’t the only thing that gave him happiness. He soon realized that Jaiye was very generous with her money as she was with her body. She was so generous that within the first few months of his stay in the house, he was already counting his wealth in millions. He could take any of the cars out for a ride too. He frequented the workshop and made sure Mr Ade was around to see his new status. Life was good after all and he saved for a rainy day. Even though he had no reason to fear she would dump him someday, he still felt the need not to be taken unaware. He kept his money in a bag under his bed, he had no use for a bank account. He would be able to live well should there be any need to leave the house. He always ensured his bag of money was always handy, bank account could be frozen, without notice. There was nothing to stop him from counting his blessings on a daily basis. He was always prepared and ready for trouble should there be any.


Elizabeth Izebere is a prolific writer who prefers to write under the pseudonym Liz Brey Humphrey. She is a Nigerian. www.leisuretimeread.com is her brain child.

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