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Welcome to leisuretimeread.com, the one stop meeting place for readers and writers. This is a community of people willing to share their time with other willing people. It is all about reading books in an easy and convenient way. And it is totally free, no charges attached and no subscriptions required. Just login and read!

The benefits derived from reading a book, no matter the genre, are so immense that it cannot be over emphasized. You  probably already know that by now. Some people may want to say it must be a good book though. Here at leisuretimeread.com, we know and understand that every book has a particular story to tell, a message to deliver and a lesson to teach! All it requires is a good presentation. That is why our focus is to create a community where readers and writers can meet and feel free to interact and enjoy a fantastic reading and writing experience.

Our community, leisuretimeread.com, offers members a new dimension to the reading culture that will surely make your reading a pleasurable experience. We love suspense and we enjoy keeping you in suspense and we are sure you will love it too. Without suspense a book can become very boring and difficult to read, no matter the story, message or lesson in it. Here, we aim to infuse suspense into our novels and  that is why we present our feature novels in chapters with the intent to deliberately keep you in suspense while you wait anxiously for the next captivating chapter or episode or season as you may wish to call it. leisuretimeread.com promises an exciting time because we bring you stories in a captivating way that will make you look forward to the next chapter! There will be no dull moments. It is going to be fun all the way!

Ours is a community where everyone is important and relevant as it offers an opportunity not only for your reading pleasure but a chance too to participate. In other words,  we encourage everyone to actively participate here as we would like our feature books to be discussed, commented on, given suggestions where necessary and criticized too to make the writer better.  Above all of these, we offer a window to let the world see your work if you are a writer. It is a win-win experience for all.

Many writers today are faced with the problem of getting their work to the public. This may be as a result of financial constraints, inability to access a platform where they could showcase their work, rejection by publishers, or even the simple reason that they are not sure whether their work is good enough. Worry no more, we are a community, let’s do it together. You have enormous opportunities here that could help your dreams become a reality!

Take advantage of this great opportunity and you will be happier for it. We intend to build a community that thrives to improve our lot, with particular target at new and “budding” writers who want to be seen and known. We offer an avenue to expose your work to enable you get access to discussions, corrections, suggestions, advice and even criticisms that we hope would help you become a better writer. Who knows, you might get lucky and a publisher might find your work good after all! Or a film maker! The opportunities are endless. So, let’s use our community to make ourselves better.

Once again, welcome on board, let’s make this a reality!

Thank you.


Criticism is an important tool for a writer to improve on his/her writing skills and become a better writer and bestselling author. However, we will only encourage healthy criticisms for the sole purpose of making ourselves better.

Our books are protected by copyright laws and requires permission to be used in parts or whole. Any unauthorized use in part or whole will attract legal sanctions.


Elizabeth Izebere is a prolific writer who prefers to write under the pseudonym Liz Brey Humphrey. She is a Nigerian. www.leisuretimeread.com is her brain child.

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